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E Cigis in South Africa?

Written By: admin - Apr• 09•13

E cigarettes have been quickly gaining popularity throughout the world. One of the most appealing aspects of it is their healthiness compared to traditional cigarettes. While normal cigarettes burn tobacco to release smoke and nicotine, e cigarettes vaporize liquid nicotine to release a warm vapor. This vapor can then be exhaled and give the appearance of smoke. These flavorful items are quickly gaining traction, and are even used widely in South Africa. South African are some of the most flavorful available, and they are giving other brands a run for their money.

E cigarettes are widely ordered online South Africa. These online retailers sell an abundance of flavors and packages for a very good price. With e cigarettes coupon codes, you can get the best e cigarettes at the lowest prices online in South Africa.

You can also readily find those new gadgets in local South African shops. Many malls have kiosks that sell singles and samplers. You can also find these samplers in gas stations, pharmacies, and markets.

To get deluxe versions in South Africa, you should either order online or visit a local tobacco shop. These shops will carry both standard e cigarette packages plus high-end versions. The high-end ones are generally imported, so they may be more costly.

South African ecigs come in many flavors. Many South African online shops specialize in creating unique and original flavors. One of the most popular flavors is classic strawberry. Along with fruits, there are assorted mixed flavors as well. You can also order traditional tobacco flavors with varying strengths. The nicotine content can run very high with these South African blends. With blends ranging from no nicotine all the way to 24mg of nicotine, you can find the ideal amount quite easily.

There are few laws and restrictions in South Africa. Minors cannot purchase them; however, anyone over the legal age should have no problem with purchases. The selling of liquid online is not prohibited, which does mean that you should only buy from trusted sellers. Doing so ensures that you do not order an amateur mixture which may contain unwanted additives.

If you are living in South Africa or simply visiting, you owe it to yourself to try on of their many offerings. They can replace your smoking habit without causing withdrawal, and they offer a nice compliment to any meal or drink. Make sure to use e cigarette coupon codes while ordering online for the best savings!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Written By: admin - Sep• 06•11

Before Bernie Madoff, a stock broker named Jordan Belfort’s graced Wall Street and his legacy will remain on Wall Street for decades to come. The man was an egomaniac who had the best yachts, women and even abused drugs.

He lived a grandeur life but lost it all as fast as he gained it. Belfort was a difficult man; he dropped his motor yacht, helicopter and seaplane into the depths of the ocean after insisting on going into a storm despite the captain warning. To entertain his Wall Street friends, Belfort threw midgets on the trading floor.

With all this craziness going on, Jordan Belfort and his company milked out investors for more than two hundred millions dollars, an embezzlement that saw him stay in prison. He now laments that he sought instant gratification by being childish, emotionally unstable and insecure. He even goes on to say that he admires Michael Douglas’s character Gordon Gekko in the financial movie Wall Street and Pretty Woman’s Richard Gere. He now knows that he had everything most people work for all their lives and that he blew it all away.

Jordan Belfort was so extravagant it has been said he racked up charges in a hotel totaling $700,000 and also bought a white Ferrari because he had seen an actor in a popular show driving it.
At his present age of forty five, Jordan lives in a three bedroom house in a less expensive part of Los Angeles. He has made progress however and has paid investors $14 million and still has $96 million to go. It would be difficult to believe that Jordan only owns a nine thousand pound Bulgari gold watch and a painting of his yacht.

He lives close to Nadine his ex-wife who was a beer model but is still friends and shares the responsibility of taking care of their children with her. He loves his children and proclaims himself as a “soccer dad”.
The Wolf of Wall Street from Queens started as a sales person in the meat industry. He went on to open Stratton Oakmont, a stockbroker business based in Long Island. He recruited straight out of college money hungry individuals and told them that they had to convince the customer to sign up with his investment firm. The brokers of Belfort’s firm would drive up the shares and then Belfort would sell the large number of shares owned lowering the price of the stock and causing investors massive losses.

Belfort first made five thousand dollars and soon made a million. At first he was nervous but later on convinced himself that all brokers do it on Wall Street. Belfort has written a book and regrets his earlier way of life.

Some Highlights Aboout South African Film Festivals

Written By: admin - Jul• 06•11

South Africa is host to a wide variety of different film festivals this year. They should prove to be both enlightening and entertaining. These film festivals are what launch the works of film directors and other artists into the general arena of notoriety. Many of these thought provoking subjects make us look deep inside the human condition. These films are a statement of the times in which we live. This is an art form that strives to capture our attention onto a moving screen. Films are a way for people to communicate with each other. With them, we can actually feel as if we are walking in someone’s shoes for a few steps.

The 32nd Durban International Film Festival is supported by its principle backer, the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.This well known festival begins on July 21, 2011. There will be a world premiere of ‘Otelo Burning,’ directed by Sara Blecher. This film event will show extensive screening at the Cinema Nouveau Gateway among others. ‘Otelo Burning’ tells the life stories of a group of South African youth who escape their world of hate and war by discovering surfing. This film has all of the needed elements for a great film. The countries of India, Germany and Canada will be well represented here.
The 10th Stellensbosch Home Festival is South Africa’s largest food and wine festival. This takes place in Cape Winelands on July 28-31. Some of the best wine and food is served, and shuttle service is available. This festival is in support of Stellensbouch child welfare. Each person is asked to bring a blanket to be donated to a child. This event is family friendly as there are many activities for children do on this farm. Adults will have ample entertainment as well. A unique event is the wine week cellar door, by farms on the way to the festival.

The Celldroid Film Festival for Science Fiction, Animation and Fantasy Movies, will be held in Capetown on July 5-14,2011. This distinguished area boasts the Labia Theater. This year will link this festival to The National Arts Festival by guest Richard Stanley. This South African-born film director is to present his work as an author director, anthropologist and esoteric scholar. He currently lives at the base of the Cathar Fortress. He has authored a book called ‘Shadow of the Grail’ His interests include the Cathar genocide, which took place long ago. Stanley’s expertise also involve the Nazi’s quest for the Holy Grail. This festival ends with a viewing of ‘Incidious,’ about a comatose boy with supernatural elements. Elsewhere, ‘My Heart of Darkness’ is featured this season. There are numerous other South African film festivals to see this year.

Is it really an Alternative?

Written By: admin - Jun• 22•11

Following the daily medical setbacks smokers face in the US, smoking has become an issue of concern. However, the industry has been working hard in formulating means and ways of reducing the threat posed by smoking traditional cigarettes.

Based on research and records of negative impacts that have presented themselves as results of people smoking traditional cigarettes, there has been the emergence of the e-cigarettes.

To most persons in the US, e-cigarettes/ electronic cigarettes are perceived as an alternative way to embark from traditional cigarettes that have recorded a considerable number of health problems, among the most common is lung cancer.

E-cigarettes are basically the best alternative to traditional smoking, this is so due to its creation and how well it satisfies a smoker’s needs. E-cigarettes are made up of three major sections that are: the atomizer and the battery, and the cartridge.

Its usage is quite simple. A smoker will be required to screw the cartridge of the cigarette onto the aluminum shell that has the necessary contents of the e-cigarette. The next step involves a smoker inhaling on the cartridge end that is composed of nicotine substance.

It is from the inhalation that the cell battery will be triggered to power the atomizer. As the atomizer heats, it produces vapor when in contact with the nicotine substance. As an indication that smoking vapor is produced, the ash light will glow red from the far end.

In the US, individual smokers consider it as an alternative to traditional smoking, especially when taking into consideration the various rules that have been put in place to check on traditional cigarette smokers.

Currently, smoking in or around public locations has been banned, to some areas completely while other partially. Such bans are strictly on tobacco consumption in public, so smokers have been experiencing a hard time. However, with the introduction of this technology, smokers in the US have had a breathing time as far as smoking in the public is concerned.

E-cigarettes give the smoker the sensation that he or she is smoking the real tobacco and also the comfort of holding it just like the traditional cigarette, hence smokers in the US feel they have the same taste as they would have with traditional cigarette. Also in long term it’s considered to be cheaper. There are various coupon codes available.

With e-cigarettes, smokers are free of bad odor. Moreover, they are safe from stained teeth problem. In addition, e-cigarette presents the presence of less harmful substances in its content as compared to traditional cigarettes.

Based on the fact that the FDA has stand to the sale of e-cigarettes shows that these products are indeed a good alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, the FDA is still carrying out some research to establish some of the harmful outcomes of its consumption.

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